Our Story

Our Babies Matter is a nonprofit organization founded in Chicago, Illinois in July 2016, by several mothers determined to make the world a safer and more enjoyable place for all children, especially black and brown children.

Following the death of Philando Castille, in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, Autumn Bea of Chicago, posted a message to a Chicago-based mom group expressing her outrage and despair.  As a mother of two Black boys, Autumn was concerned that she could not keep her boys safe beyond their adolescence.

Over a thousand moms responded to Autumn’s message.  The other moms asked how they could help to make the world a safer place for her boys.  While the answer was not immediate, Autumn could see that one of the most important solutions begins in the home. 

Autumn believes that if all mothers enlighten themselves and their families to race-based privilege, and integrates their lives, a more diverse and satisfying life will result.  Our Babies Matter was founded on this premise.